If you want to boost your profile, build your brand and turbocharge your sales from stage then the…

Powerful Presentations Coaching Session

is, quite simply, the best presenting workshop in Australia today!

The “Powerful Presentations” Workshop is a one-day 1on1 coaching session for business owners, professionals, sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, presenters, workshop and training providers, executives and public speakers who want to learn the secrets to powerful presentations that positions you as an expert, builds trust and rapport with your marketplace, increases your sales, attracts more customers and boosts your conversion rate.

More Sales

Turbocharge your sales from stage, increase action from your audiences

Greater Influence

Build your brand, your profile, and your prestige

More Life

Live the life you’ve always wanted and dreamed of.

Peter Spann is ready to help you transform your presentations.  The Powerful Presentations workshop covers all your tough questions…

  • New customers?  YES!  You’ll learn how to build a sales funnel that recruits new customers for you
  • Better Conversions?  YES!  You’ll systemise and revolutionise your sales process
  • Brand?  YES!  You’ll build a market dominating brand loved and recognised by your customers
  • Profits?  ABSOLUTELY!  There’s no point in doing any of this unless it goes to the bottom line
  • More Life?  YES!  You’ll start living the life of your dreams 
  • Less Stress?  YES!  Presenting is meant to be fun and a dream job, not a nightmare

All this is covered in the Powerful Presentations one day workshop – enrol now!

Don’t miss out.  Strictly limited numbers.  Peter Spann only accepts one client per month.  Enrol today!

Peter Spann built a seminar business from scratch to $1.3 Billion is sales in just 5 years.  Who else teaching presenting in Australia today can claim this?   Now he wants to help you achieve exciting results with your presenting business.

Powerful Presentations Workshop – Program Outline

  • What makes a great presenter

    Five elements to consider to make you a great presenter

  • Positioning

    How to get a deep understanding of your target audience – so you can write compelling content that pushes all of their ‘hot buttons’ and influences them to buy

  • Presentation Design

    How to Turn Your Audience into Believers and Buyers – how to design and write a powerful presentation… and why traditional methods don’t work on today’s impatient audiences

  • Knock it Out of the Park

    My complete, step-by-step formula for knocking it out of the park – eliminate nerves, build rapport, handle the trickiest of audience members and demolish sales records

  • Impact

    Starting out strong and finishing even better

  • Presentation Purpose

    Being clear on the purpose and the specific objectives of your presentation

  • Presentation Structure

    The three phases of a well organised presentation

  • Avoiding “Death by PowerPoint”

    Understand how to effectively use speaking notes, visual aides, and slideshows. Tips to maximise the effectiveness of your presentations.

  • Body language

    Understanding the relationship between facial expressions, walking patterns, gestures and eye contact when presenting

  • Handling the question and answer period

    Encouraging audience participation and answering questions in a way that will astound your audience

  • Master the Magic Formula Story

    Brings alive any content and binds the audience to you as a presenter

  • Creating Story Arcs

    Audiences respond to the same thousands of year old archetypes and story telling patterns as the cave man – use them to build drama and emphasis

  • Dropping in Loops

    Open your audiences mind, but leave them thirsting for more

  • The Perfect Pitch

    A step by step formula guaranteed to sell

  • Motivating Others to Action

    Designing & nailing a close that will maximise action from your audience.

  • Responding to Pressure Situations

    Knowing when an audience might turn against you, being ready for that and knowing when and how to respond to difficult situations, audience members and external pressures.

  • Inspiring People to Embrace Change

    Perhaps the trickiest thing any thought leader can do, but the most important

  • Building Your Signature Style

    Structures that you can re-use time and again to deliver engaging presentations

  • Stage Mechanics

    Setting up the room, reception and the stage to your advantage

  • Nail It

    Develop and deliver an awe inspiring 18 minute presentation